Apartments for rent: new residential project on Raclawicka Street in Krakow.

19 / 04 / 24

1 min

In Poland’s dynamic academic sector, where the number of students continues to grow, the need for adequate housing is becoming more urgent. It is in response to this growing demand that our latest project on Raclawicka Street in Krakow is being developed. In developing it for Zeitgeist Asset Management, we are not only responding to the current challenges of the real estate market, but also meeting the expectations of today’s students.

The building that is rising in the Krakow sky is not just another structure on the city map. It’s a residential complex that meets the needs of both those seeking short-term accommodation and students looking for a comfortable and customized place to live.

The development includes an eight-story building with an underground garage, which will be divided into 2 parts. The first part is designed to include 182 serviced apartments (approximately 6222 sqm). The second part of the building will include 249 rooms intended for students (about 4650 m²).

The Raclawicka Street investment is not only a response to market demand, but also a realization of our environmental values. The entire project is being built with respect to BREEAM certification and in accordance with ESG principles, which confirms our commitment to green and sustainable solutions. The Raclawicka Street project is an expression of our commitment to creating places that not only fulfill residential functions, but also respond to the needs of modern society.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2024. At that time, the building will be handed over to the Zeitraum subsidiary, which will be the operator.