We are proud of our team of highly qualified specialists who have extensive expertise in real estate and investment. With our deep-rooted experience in Poland, Germany and Switzerland, as well as our well-established organizational structures in all key areas, including architecture, real estate development, sales, leasing and management, we are able to offer investors a comprehensive and customized package of services.

CEO Thomas Podstawski

We create normal flats for normal people

Since 2010, Thomas Podstawski has been managing the family-owned group of companies as CEO. After taking over responsibility from his father, the architect Peter Podstawski, Thomas Podstawski, who holds a degree in economics engineering, continued to expand the economic activities of the group of companies. Today, the Podstawski Group employs over 100 people in Poland and Germany.

Our group of companies includes several companies in Poland and Germany.

We would like to introduce our professional and dedicated team of employees, which is the foundation of our organization. Each member of our team is a qualified expert in his or her field, and our joint efforts lead to outstanding results.

Thanks to our dedicated employees, our company is becoming an industry leader. Together, we strive for growth, innovation and excellence, providing our customers with the highest level of service and satisfaction.

We are ready to take on new challenges and together with you achieve unique unique goals.