As one of the largest housing developers in Poland, we bear a great responsibility. For years we have been creating living spaces for thousands of people – we design, build and develop housing estates. That’s why we conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way.

We make it a point to minimize our impact on the environment and continuously seek out innovative and sustainable solutions in our daily operations.

We prioritize the green standard of our investments, ensuring that they align with our commitment to sustainability. One tangiblebdemonstration of our dedication to sustainable practices is the BREEAM certifications awarded to our newly constructed buildings. These certifications validate our efforts and serve as a testament to our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility.

At ACTIV INVESTMENT, we are committed to executing investments in a trustworthy manner while upholding high standards, particularly in the area of ESG.


We implement ACTIV INVESTMENT's new buildings with a view to ensuring the highest possible level of energy efficiency. The result of the measures taken is:

Certified green buildings (e.g. BREEAM)

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Protection of biodiversity

Sustainable use of natural resources

Renewable energy sources

Reduction of water consumption

Waste management and separation

Maximum reduction of CO2 emissions

Renewable energy sources


Sustainability issues are also important to us at the level of social action. Protecting uman rights along the entire value chain underpins business decisions. We care about the health and safety of our stakeholders - among customers, investors, contractors, the local community and employees.

Elimination of all human rights violations by the company.

Supporting the elimination of all forms of slavery and forced labour.

Countering discrimination in employment.

Compliance with international standards


Deeply embedded in ACTIV INVESTMENT's culture is a commitment to integrity in everything we do. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of ethics and transparency, based on strong leadership, sound policies and responsible business practices.

Ethical Business Practices

Open, cooperative and fair communication with employees, partners, tenants

Respect the principles of free and fair competition in all business relationships

Strict compliance with all legal anti-corruption and anti-money laundering regulations

Compliance with all legal requirements

Partnership-based human resources management