Nova Mikołowska investment – stage II – occupancy permit

22 / 11 / 23

1 min

With pleasure, we announce that on November 22, 2023, we received the final occupancy permit for Building A (Phase II) as part of the Nova Mikołowska investment. This marks a special moment for us, as we simultaneously celebrate the completion of the journey associated with this project.

In the second phase of the investment, 166 apartments and 9 commercial premises were created, totaling 8,131 m². We are currently preparing for the procedure of handing over the apartments to our clients.

Nova Mikołowska is more than just a building. It represents the idea of modern living in the heart of Katowice. Within the entire project, two modern residential and commercial buildings were created, located in the quarter of Mikołowska / Raciborska / Strzelecka streets. In addition to 353 apartments and 20 commercial premises, the investment includes attractive green recreational areas on 2 private courtyards and 3 public squares, with a total area of over 2000 m².

“For us, this is not only the completion of a construction project but also the beginning of a new stage where we are building a community and creating a place where people can enjoy the fullness of life,” says Monika Kudełko, Director of Communication and Strategy.