We are Unveiling the Elevations! – Construction Progress of the Raclawicka Street Project

26 / 09 / 23

1 min

The construction of the Raclawicka Street project, led by our team for Zeitgeist Asset Management, has reached a significant milestone. We take pride in revealing the facades of this unique building, which holds great importance for Krakow.

Despite the considerable progress in construction, there is still substantial work ahead of us, particularly in the turnkey finishing of the apartments. Our goal is to craft a space that not only appeals aesthetically but is also functional and comfortable.

About the Investment

The Raclawicka Street development project commenced in the second quarter of 2022. This ambitious endeavor, commissioned by Zeitgeist Asset Management, aspires to create a modern environment for residents and students, introducing a new standard to the local real estate market.

The eight-story building, complete with an underground garage, is divided into two sections. The first part comprises 182 serviced apartments, covering approximately 6222 sq m. Simultaneously, the second part encompasses 249 rooms designated for students, occupying about 4650 sq m.

In alignment with sustainable development principles, the Raclawicka Street project has been proudly submitted for BREEAM certification, underscoring our commitment to environmental protection. We are dedicated to ensuring this project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both current and future residents.