Katowice, Chorzowska Street

About investment:

The 4 Towers estate is located in Katowice on Chorzowska Street, adjacent to the Silesian Park. The project consists of four 15-storey residential buildings set on a common three-storey base, which forms the uniform base of the building. The project includes 550 flats and more than 650 parking spaces. The first floor of the project includes retail and service units of nearly 6,500 sqm.


  • Living area: 21.416 m²
  • Commercial area: 6.649 m²
  • Numbers of flats: 528
  • Number of commercial: 13
  • Start: 2011
  • Finish: 2019


The buildings are located on the Tysiąclecia estate, one of the best developed areas in Katowice. There are many stores, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, health centers, pharmacies, etc. A big advantage is the proximity to the center, which can be reached in a maximum of 10 minutes. Residents in the immediate vicinity have access to streetcar and bus stops.