Zeitgeist Asset Management has signed an agreement with our company to build the development

11 / 12 / 21

1 min

We have signed a contract with Zeitgeist Asset Management, Real Estate Developer and Asset Manager for private and institutional investors in Germany and Central Eastern Europe, a contract for the construction of a commercial building on Raclawicka Street in Krakow.

As a developer active in Poland for more than 26 years, we have experience in building housing investments, constantly looking for new ways of development. In response to market needs, we will create a unique project for Zeitgeist Asset Management which includes short-term serviced apartments (approx. 182 apartments, 6222 m2), partly dedicated to student accommodation. (approx. 248 rooms, 4650 m2). Upon completion, the development will be handed over to Zeitraum, which will be its operator.

Decades of experience, skilled team, know-how and market and customer knowledge make us enthusiastic about the new chapter in the company’s business history.